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Recent Roles

NCIS - What a joy to work on such a wonderful show!  Cast & crew were great and Mark Harmon was a class act.  Here's some gossip!  I had a horrible cold on the day I was to film.

I felt terrible.  Mark Harmon could not have been more understanding or attentive - God Bless the lost art of being a gentleman.

I recently worked on a endearing film called, "Rocked."  It's the story of a boy attending his first Euquerist. Even I cried when I saw it.  What an uplift to one's spirit. Thanks to all, I had a fabulous time.

Upcoming Projects

I'm excited about my Stand-up Comedy Speical sizzle reel being chosen to air at the Omni-fest Flim festival in Hollywood on May 1, 2019.  Wish me luck!

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